Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trying something new....

For the next month, we will have a guest blogger/photographer capturing the new, old, exciting, innovative, interesting tidbits of New Orleans. If you would like to suggest something for us to cover or you have a great story to tell, post a comment and we may feature it.

Now allow our guest blogger to introduce himself,

Hello, my name is Erez. I recently purchased a one way ticket from Los Angeles to New Orleans, arrived yesterday. The first thing I heard is that the whole city was evacuating. While not the start I was anticipating... it wasn't the start I was not anticipating.

Confident that Gustav was going to be as powerful as it sounded, Nate and I spent the entire day slapping up posters for this Saturday's "NEW ORLEANS SPEAKS", after painting Tulane, Loyola and most of Uptown with posters to prove our confidence in the storms no show, the event was postponed.

Hopefully the next month will be a different but still interesting experience. I'll be reporting often about restaurants, bars, events and our evacuation road trip to the Memphis capitol of the world, Memphis, TN. As Nate mentioned, if you know of a place worth checking out, let me know.

Below are some pictures of what turned out to be a day with no point.

We went to Loyola to pass out flyers for "New Orleans Speaks", which Gustav has taken away from us (it's postponed for October)

At Tulane, t-shirt by Dirty Coast. Go up to the 6th floor of the parking garage, pretty nice view of the city.

IN Exchange store in the Tulane Campus Center, Erica Trani runs the place. It's a cool little shop with fair trade coffee and chocolate, sweatshop free clothing and other environmentally conscious products. It's a laid back place worth checking out.

Had lunch at the St. James Cheese Company, pretty ridiculous spread of fine cheeses and deli meats, couldn't fit them all into a picture. Ordered the Crater Lake Blue, a roast beef sandwich with worcester mayo on multi grain. It was amazing, usually cheese is a lost taste in sandwiches, but here it was the perfect compliment to the roast beef. The place is definitely reasonable, the meal came in under 10 bucks. The seating indoor and out is nice and simple. Eric is the manager and though I didn't have a chance to talk with him, he's clearly a guy who knows too much about, cheese.

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