Monday, August 11, 2008

Be a TV Star while learning Voodoo, doesn't have to be in that order

The New York Times reviewed the New Orleans Voodoo Museum today. Read the article

Share your story with WWL

"We are starting a new project at where we'll profile people that
moved to New Orleans post-Katrina, either because they felt compelled to
help with the recovery effort, or they thought they could make some money in
town after the storm, or chance blew them into town.

They could have just come to help and fell in love with the city and stayed,
or ended up being stuck here because of unforeseen circumstances -- not all
have to be positive or uplifting, though that would be nice, nor do they
need to be titans of industry. We want every story and every slice of life.
It is one way that we want to look at the upcoming third anniversary of
The main rule is that they came and stayed post-Katrina.
If you know of anyone that could be a unique or worthy profile, please get
in touch with me. Feel free to forward this email onto others.
Michael Luke

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