Friday, August 29, 2008

Breakfast on the Bayou

Day Two of Erez general thoughts: 9:25 PM Friday 8-29-08

Hello again NOLA people. I am updating from Gill's house on South Tonti St. Beautiful place, listening to BB King's 'something you got' and munching on homemade cookies/brownies courtesy of Anna.

Woke up a little ripe from the night previous, and went to a late breakfest at Ruby Slipper. As there was no one there, it being 10:45 and a weekday, the service was amazing.

Kathy (not her name, I'm guessing) brought us out breakfest, Nate had a fried egg and bacon sandwich, I had the shrimp omelette. The food was great, the omelette was fluffy and moist and the shrimp inside was generous, but we agreed both meals were a little heavy on the black pepper. It's just personal preference, if you like black pepper you could have thought the meal was perfect. Either way it was affordable and overall very good, next time I'll just ask for a less generous pepper portion.

Since the storm was possibly coming, Nate didn't want to leave town before voting. Here are the few photos I was able to take before I was told to put the camera away. Isn't city hall a public place?

The town was definitely gearing up for GUSTAVIO (not it's real name) these men were boarding up a pay less shoes, and I am now kind of wishing I had taken a picture of people boarding up something worth saving.

Allright, well, we're going to Takumi to see Soul Sister spin her music into our silly lives. Ladies drink free it says, so they got that and pay less going for them.

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