Friday, December 21, 2007

Rebrew Orleans

Please join the Rebrew Orleans site, generate new business in New Orleans, and revitalize the historic OC Haley corridor.

Goal: Open the first for-profit business in an economically challenged area in the Central City neighborhood of post-Katrina New Orleans.

Being eco-minded is one of the main themes of the coffeehouse. Recycling will be promoted. Literature on recycling and related events in the city will be displayed. The electricity used in the building will be at least partially supplied by the sun. Only fair-trade coffee will be served. Bicycle racks out front will promote exercise and a better quality of life. The coffeehouse will be a gather point for community and non-profit events.

Oretha Castle Haley, formerly known as Dryades Street was a booming commercial district from the late 1800s to the 1960s. The walls of the coffeehouse will feature photographs and other antiquities helping it serve as a museum of the former grandeur of the neighborhood."

Some of the positions we are looking to fill:

1) Design Team – Assist with the immediate design and construction needs of opening the coffeehouse, including the rear walls, chairs, tables, counter, floors, light fixtures, signage and bike rack.

2) Public Relations – One person in charge of coordinating attention and news for the coffeehouse.

3) Green Team – Team and team leader to coordinate costs and ways to make the enterprise green: solar panels, costs, tax breaks, installations, available grants, water cistern, recycling of materials, green design etc.

4) Events Team – Coordinates evening and weekend events for the space. Events team can have separate persons to be in charge of specific areas such as film, theatre, music, lectures, bands, public speaking forums, art gallery, fashion shows, flea markets etc.

5) Coffeehouse Retail – Suggest and determine what retail items to sell.

6) Branding – Branding and marketing the coffeehouse, including coordinating the manifesto, the naming of it, the logo, the design theme, the marketing, and overall customer experience (see the book, 'Experience Economy').

9) Community Outreach – To work with people in the neighborhood and other volunteers in the non-profit community to raise awareness of the Coffeehouse and NOLA YURP. This team handles the responsibilities involving other neighborhood revitalization efforts.