Thursday, February 14, 2008

NOLA YURP Staff @ Allan Houston Foundation Event

Yesterday will go down in history as the day I had the most fun in my life. The last couple of months I have had very little time to enjoy the one activity which gives me the greatest joy i.e. interacting with kids! I am one of the biggest kids at heart and to have an opportunity to spend the afternoon with some of the greatest kids in the world at Harry S. Truman Middle School truly did this "old man" (according to the kids) some good. I got an opportunity to have this interaction due to the great work of the Allan Houston Foundation and his Young Entrepreneurs Class, which Nathan (Director of NOLA YURP) is a participant in. From basketball to sack races, I got a chance to do it all! The goal of the event was to reward the high achieving kids and their parents with fun events and games to continue to build the family unit. I met some bright, intelligent, energetic, and wonderful kids which has me excited about the future of New Orleans. My hats off to the teachers, parents, staff, and administration at Harry S. Truman Middle School you guys are doing an excellent job! In the picture below you will notice me exploding past Nathan to capture 2nd place in the Sack Race! I LOVE KIDS! If anyone knows of any youth sports coaching opportunities please send me an email @

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