Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rebirth at Maple Leaf

Hello. Things have been a little calmer in my daily life, so things I feel are interesting enough to parlay, have decreased, but last night I had a pretty amazing experience seeing Rebirth at the Maple Leaf.

The night didn’t start well. The red sox blew a lead in the ninth to the devil rays and dropped to 1.5 games back in the A.L. east, on top of that I discovered there was a cover of $12 at the door to Maple Leaf. Having not heard the band yet, I was irrationally annoyed with having to spend money to get a stamp that is a reminder to everyone today that 1. I went out last night and 2. I didn’t bathe since then. But I digress.

The bar is surprisingly big with a cast of characters to match. This woman was posing in front of the fan, almost daring me to take her picture. As you can see I didn’t have a problem with that.

Rebirth took the stage and the sound was instant. It filled the room and my head with a force that didn’t allow for any other reaction then to listen and dance.

I won’t try and describe it anymore, but I strongly suggest if you haven’t seen them (Nate is telling me everyone has) see them.

This guy was cooking outside, I didn’t catch his name, but I think he calls the operation, “Meat For Your Mouth”, at least that’s what it said on the back of his shirt.

He puts all late night sausage stands to shame, to SHAME. An open grill filled with quality sausages, chicken, hamburgers, pork chops and turkey legs have people from surrounding bars congregating and shelling out beer money for the stuff. I had a spicy sausage and it was amazing. I was surprised these weren’t dotting the city, the price was comparable to other late night portable setups but the quality was far superior. The owner informed me he had been doing this for 12 years, and he didn’t feel comfortable putting that hard work and reputation behind someone that wasn’t him. I can’t argue with his conviction, but for the sake of drunk people everywhere I hope he changes his mind and sends these things to Los Angeles while he’s at it.

Currently I’m at yurp headquarters doing some flyer designs for upcoming events. Hope to see you there.

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