Monday, July 14, 2008

AmeriCorps Positions with the Neighborhood Partnership Network

Community Technology Coordinator – Americorps Volunteer

Neighborhoods Partnership Network (NPN)'s mission is to improve our quality of life by engaging New Orleanians in neighborhood revitalization and the civic process. NPN is looking for a Community Technology Coordinator (CTC). The CTC is a full-time Americorps position for 11 months (August 15 - July 15) and serves to connect the NPN network using our communication tools, most specifically our upcoming social network website. The Community Technology Coordinator will have the opportunity to develop unique web content, lead trainings and create lasting partnerships to help revitalize New Orleans' neighborhoods. They will work closely with the Americorps Trumpet Editor.

The CTC with the Neighborhoods Partnership Network will:
- Develop and coordinate website trainings for volunteers, residents and member organizations.
- Assist with workshops and information distribution.
- Improving and developing website content for the NPN "Faces of Recovery" social network.
- Write the weekly E-Newsletter read by over 2,500 people every week.
- Serve as technology liaison to the community through public speaking and presentations.
- Work with NPN volunteer coordinator on digital storytelling initiative.
- Press Releases and other PR communications.

11 Month Positions - Starting August 26th 2008
Please send cover letter, resume and writing samples to

Experience or Skills of Interest:
- Comfortable with Websites and internet applications.
- Initiative and ability to anticipate needs of clients (neighborhoods and non-profits).
- Flexible and able to multi-task efficiently.
- Writing Skills, Video Editing and other media communications experience.
- Knowledge of programming (css, xhtml, etc) is a big plus.

• Monthly Stipend - $860 approx
• Education Award - $4,725
• Health Care
• Exposure to many businesses, universities and government agencies

The Trumpet Editor Position: Americorps Volunteer

NPN is looking for the magazine’s next Editor-in-Chief. This is a great opportunity to lead an authentic, growing community publication as part of the recovery of New Orleans. The position is a full-time Americorps commitment for 11 months (August 26 - July 26).

The Trumpet Editor-in-Chief, with the Neighborhoods Partnership Network, will:
- Reach out to community residents, students and non-profits and work with them on submissions, as well as write articles and editorials.
- Help set the thematic arc of the Trumpet by finding topics and neighborhoods to spotlight with each issue.
- Ensure the magazine’s sustainability by researching potential underwriters.
- Collaborate with established leaders in non-profit, community organizing, and government sectors.
- Design and layout issues (as experience allows) and determine the magazine’s visual direction.
-Proofread and edit submissions to ensure that they meet NPN’s standard of quality.

11 Month Position - Starting August 26th 2008
Please send cover letter, resume, writing and design samples to:

Experience or Skills of Interest:
- Previous outreach or organizing work.
- Previous experience as editor or manager of publication.
- Knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop a necessity
- Organized and able to meet deadlines.

• Monthly Stipend - $860 approx
• Education Award - $4,725
• Health Care
• Exposure to many local and national non-profits, universities and government agencies

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