Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NOLA YURP and The Next American City Magazine

On March 6-8, NOLA YURP and The Next American City Magazine partnered for a weekend full of events starting on Thursday, March 6th with an educational forum called "Sparking Creativity: Investing in Entrepreneurship and the Future Human Capital of New Orleans." Our panelist included Andrea Floyd, co-founder of Consciously Rebuilding, Blake Haney, creative director of Whence: the studio/Dirty Coast Press/Humid Beings/Willdo, Timolynn Sams, executive director of Neighborhood Partnership Network, and Janet Speyrer, associate dean for research and professor of economics at the University of New Orleans. The forum was held at the Historic New Orleans Collection in the French Quarter located on 533 Royal St., and moderated by Brentin Mock and NOLA YURP's Executive Director Nathan Rothstein. The event was even more special because we were joined by a group of Alternative Spring Break volunteers from Georgetown University. The students where allowed to interact with some of the young people in New Orleans that are involved in the rebuilding and participate in the forum discussion. Much thanks to the Historic New Orleans Collection, NOLA YURP intern Christopher Powe, The Next American City Magazine, and all those who help to make this event a success.

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