Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Year, Same Misssion, and Office Space?

Its 2008! Happy New Year! Happy MLK Birthday, and all those important events that happen in January. I want to welcome back the thousands of college students that are returning for another semester at the college or university of your choice here in New Orleans. NOLA YURP is still at it, still connecting, still trying to retain, and working overtime to attract the talent that is represented here in New Orleans and across the country abroad.

This is my first blog of the New Year and my first blog at the new address its taken a long time for me to get to a computer and jot down some of my thoughts about the new year and the role of the organization in the immediate future. The fast past world of the non-profit industry leaves you very little time to take a breath and just write.

The team was able to accomplish two major goals this month already: 1) We are semi-finalist for the prestigious "Echoing Green" Fellowship. 2) We have an office! So after Wednesday feel free to stop by and find out what's going on with the NOLA YURP team, and always you can always access our website

We are focusing on a couple of things over the next couple of months: 1) Helping young people connect with other young people to find jobs here in New Orleans 2) Keeping the Hornets in New Orleans (stay posted for more details on how you can help) 3) We are inviting every University or College who is coming to New Orleans for Spring Break to let YURP's come and speak to your student group! College students should be able to hear directly from YURP's about the challenges and opportunities here in New Orleans for young people.

If you know of any student groups that are coming down please share with them about the great things that NOLA YURP is accomplishing. Send me an email at

I quickly want to spotlight some "new orleans websites" please check these sites out! - connect with young people in New Orleans and find jobs! - the one stop place for the latest art, culture, and fashion discussion - find some classy authentic New Orleans clothing

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